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CloudWorks Consulting is committed to helping out the community and other internet communities. To that end, we are listing a number of pages here that users may find helpful. All of these are external pages, and we are not responsible either for the content of the pages or even that they exist when you go to view them.

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  Ten Truths of True Clouds - Peter Coffee16-Jun-2010 System Status17-Feb-2010 Spring 2010 Release Notes10-Feb-2010 Spring 2010 Help Manual (22Mb)10-Feb-2010 Editions and Pricing14-Oct-2009 Editions and Pricing19-Oct-2009 Developer Documentation14-Oct-2009
  Best Practice Webinar Series29-Oct-2009
From NetDocuments...
  API Documentation01-Dec-2009
From various Google Blogs...
  The New Image Search for Android and iPhone29-Apr-2010
  The next generation of Google Docs12-Apr-2010
  Google Docs and Sites to end support for IE6 on 01-Mar-201002-Feb-2010
  Google Docs allows any file to be uploaded02-Feb-2010
  Gmail account security tips28-Oct-2009
  Choosing a smart password08-Oct-2009
From Other Places...
  From CNN The end of Microsoft. A door opens to a new cloud.05-May-2010
  Corporate IT just won't let IE6 die27-Apr-2010
  ComputerWorld: Rogue PDFs account for 80% of all exploits, says researcher17-Feb-2010


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